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Saturday, February 10, 2007

  1. Chinese New Year's approaching
  2. The folks will be here in a week's time
  3. Mom's Indon has arrived
  4. I've been working insane hours
  5. My knee's still crappy from my soccer injury since NY Eve
  6. Batbabe was attacked by a snatch thief
  7. I went for my first game of laser wars at Crown yesterday night - I was bad
  8. I also got hit by the laser gun right on the lips and tooth - the lips swell for a couple of hours although not visible from the outside
  9. I've got a mental block
  10. I'm tired and sleepy ATM
  11. St Kilda festival ends tomorrow
  12. I will be a qualified Senior First Aid Officer after my 2-day course on 15-16th of March

Friday, December 15, 2006

Merry Christmas and let's rock the boat!

This year's Xmas Function was on the Magic Charter cruise boat. Weather was almost perfect. We could have had a better view of the bay without the haze but oh well, at least it wasn't hailing or somethin'. Most of the guys came in jeans (very dissapointing indeed especially when I was told they actually dressed up in the prior year - safari gear and all) whereas a couple of girls rocked up with a change of clothes.

We wrapped up at 5 on the dot and headed down to Pier 35 half an hour later. We managed to have a few Kodak moments before boarding the boat and then the party began. Food was plentiful. We had shrimp, oysters, bread rolls, (not so great) sweet chilli mussel salad and (fake) crab meat salad, fried calamari, an array of BBQ-ed stuffs and dessert. I stuck to the seafood. Lots of mingling around with a quick quirky prize presentation session in between it all. It was nice and serene up in the deck. All in all, it has been a great night and a great four-months @ my current workplace.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Somewhere and somehow

Somewhere out there, there's someone like me
Someone who shares my deep thoughts
Someone who has my flaws

Somewhere out there, there will be someone who will love me
Someone who will make me feel whole
Someone who will hold my hand and together, want to grow old

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Great Expectations

I have come to a conclusion that other people's expectations have suddenly (or maybe not so sudden) become a major driving force in forming one's own life decisions. People expect your little girl to grow up a pretty lil ballerina and if she doesn't, a kind friend may remind you to do something 'coz your daughter's getting a lil too tomboy. Mom used to dread going for my PTAs because year after year and without fail, the only comment they'd say is that I talk too much. Thanks. They could have also added the fact that when I grow up, I'd be sociable and outgoing. Does it really matter if I didn't fit into their expectation of a star student who would only speak when asked and when they did, spoke very sweetly, did all their homework neatly and always sat with their legs together in and outside of class.

I read an article some weeks ago on late pregnancies. People would either judge you for not trying to have a baby earlier when your body was at its peak and in best fit, or people would show empathy because they think they know all about how much you've tried to conceive and wow! you've finally done it! but then again, in your 30s or 40s, you'd probably be too old to enjoy motherhood (or fatherhood) the way you could have some 10-15 years earlier.

So society in general, expect us to not go into a relationship too early (preferably after graduation is what most parents wouold say) because what do we kids know about puppy love? And things change once we hit the work force and we shouldn't limit ourselves. Ok. I have to admit - there is some truth to it all. I've seen and heard far too many "we went out for 8 years and broke up" stories. At the same time, we are expected to have our first child before 30. And because a mere degree isn't much of a deal and people expect you to be more qualified than that these days, you spend another 18 months or so to obtain your post grad. Assuming you are 24 by the time you complete your post grad - that leaves you 5 years (29 to get fertilized and 9 months of incubation leaves you at 30 before it pops) to find a partner and have a child. So in that 5 years, you have to date, date, date. If you're lukcy, the first one that comes along is the guy of your dreams. Courtship of 1 year leads to a marriage proposal and then another 9 months to prepare for the wedding and before you know it, you're married by 26 or 27. Two years of honey moon and then bam! You get your baby and a great life.

But hang on, I've forgotten to add to the fact that we're expected to also become ambitious with our career. We have to work really, really hard during the first few years so make our presence known within the workplace and (hopefully) industry. So if we revise the above a little .... graduation 24 + 2 years of working real hard and casual dating because we just can't commit at the moment + 1 year of permanent courtship + proposal and 9 months of wedding preparation = we get hitched at 28. 1 year to enjoy married life without kids ... not too bad. But we are on a tight schedule here.

So what if we just can't find the right guy along the way? Does that mean we've failed in our lives because we haven't found someone (whoever that may be), haven't started a family for our body's sake and our eager-to-be-grandparents Mom and Dad, dissapointed the government for not adding to the country's population, sadly been added to the selfish-females-who-only-cares-about-their-career satistics? It's funny that most parents would tell you to be less picky. Friends would tell you that you can't have everything so work lesser and make time to meet people. Apparently, there are people out there waiting for you to make a difference in their lives. Unfortunately, these people appear sporadically and don't stay put at the one spot - so finding them, is worse than a treasure hunt - 'coz there isn't a map to find them!

So what do we do? Go adopt a dog, be a parent to a child who would love you unconditionally, be a grandparent when they have their pups and live happily ever after.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

So the birthday has come and gone. It's either age is slowing down all the excitement surrounding the day or everything else that's been happening this year has suppressed all emotions. Whatever it is, a big thanks to everyone who's made an effort wish me via email, sms, phone call, birthday cards and the presents too.

And I'm pretty sure one of the most frequently used phrase in the coming weeks would be "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S DECEMBER/X'MAS/EOY already?? HOW QUICK IS THAT??". Yeah. It's quick alright. This year's like a quick quickie. Invitation. Enjoyment. The big bang. The end. And we shall wait to dry up and start afresh (in the next year). :P

During this time of the year, there are two schools of thoughts for those on a budget. You either go out, shop and get whatever you need at a discounted price (hence savings in a way) or you just stay home and stay away from the shops because the moment you step out, it's SALES everywhere. At the rate I am going, Boxing Day sales will not apply to me because I ain't going to have the moolah for my annual shopping carnival. My annual Boxing Day mate - Chew - will just have to do it without me. But may I tempt you all with the following:
  1. Country Road's currently having a Spend $200 and get $50 off your purchase or Spend $300 and get $100 off your purchase deal at the moment. The only thing with Country Road is that their cutting is so large, you'd have to get in there early so that very limited size 4s are still available.
  2. Arthur Gallan (AG)'s on 25% off store wide. EVERYTHING. Sadly, there aren't any petite sizes left for their dresses. You can still get tops in 8s.
  3. For more sales around town - check out http://www.missyconfidential.com.au/melbourne.php

And just to note, I've noticed that most of Country Road's stuffs are made in China now. So if I were you, I'd double check where the fabric's coming from. To be frank, it doesn't bother me that it's made in China as long as the stitching is still OK and the fabric's coming from elsewhere, like Italian yarn or imported from Japan, you get the drift.

Exams are in less than a weeks' time - wish me luck everyone! Lunch @ my place on 3rd of December (Sunday).I'd be cooking but you guys will have to arrange to bring drinks/dessert/entertainment, please. Call / send me an email @ work to RSVP, please.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Life's like ...

a jigsaw puzzle.

If you insist on fitting a piece into the wrong place, you'd always end up with a missing piece when the right spot eventually turns up. It may take a long time to put the right pieces together, but at least you know when you do, it'll be completely perfect.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Quick Update

Melbourne International Arts Festival has begun. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have the time to go for anything since I've got my two assignment deadlines to rush for.

Rule of thumb, for my fellow mates out there, is never commit to anything without putting much thought into something.

I've done myself proud by signing up for pilates at Matrix Pilates, which is located at the corner of Swanston and Bourke - just above Politix. It's a small but cozy little studio. Am keeping my fingers crossed that I'm gonna be keeping up with my (so far) twice a week lunch time pilates on Tuesdays and Thursdays and HOPEFULLY, I'll fit in a session on Saturdays too. Mind you, my body's already aching from all the stretching, rolling, breathing and squeezing.

Back to the much dreaded assignments ...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Skirts or Hats for the week?

It's going to be a mix of windy and sunny days. Mind you,it's going to be a much dreaded max of 31 and 30 on Wednesday and Thursday. I reckon keep the hats and skirts in (unless you wanna impersonate Marilyn MOnroe) and bring the open toe pumps and sandals out. :)

Imagine if we're already hitting the 30 degrees mark now, how much warmer is it going to be in a few weeks' time?? Or worse, middle of December?? *wails*

Sunday, October 01, 2006


So I had thought that buying cheaper shoes would be the ideal way to go for work. I love my shoes. Having said that, I don't have that many great shoes 'coz they are either:
1) Hard to come by
2) Too expensive to pay for

Back to where I began, cheaper shoes. Some 4 months ago, I bought a pair of reasonably priced heels for work. It only lasted me 4 months. It still looks fine. Wearable. But the heels are crapped out. And the leather, although supposedly "genuine" looks weird and frankly, not that genuine looking. So it's time to get another pair of reasonably priced heel but it has proved to be almost impossible. Everything that I've seen in that price range looks too funky for my liking - either has some weird strap sticking out of nowhere or a chunky button which looks ridiculous. Or worse, it looks cheap. Note: The aim here is to buy something cheap that in NO WAY looks cheap - it has proved to be an impossible task.

In a nutshell, I'm sticking with Italian shoes. Although more expensive, it looks better, feels better and I reckon it'll last me longer too. Also, the fact that I'm paying so much more for them, there's more of an incentive to treat them better and get them fixed when something goes wrong. Right now, I'm just going to chuck out that crappy ol' pair that I've been talking about. Ended up paying a lot more than what I had intended to spend today, but I'm happy with my two new pairs.

Check out some of my favourite stores; Alberto Piazza and Edward Meller for some great and still affordable European shoes. David Jones also stocks up on some pretty fancy shoes. Myer is catching up with their European shoes these days.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Fringe Festival is starting tomorrow. So let's kick start the cabarets, dancing, singing, brass bands and have the time of your life! We're going to watch Kunst Ist Scheisse on Tuesday the 3rd of October. Details per below:

Festival Hub - Lithuanian Club, The Ballroom
44 Errol St
North Melbourne

10.15 pm - runs for approximately 45 minutes

Tightarse Tuesday means we're only paying $10 for it.

So those who has confirmed with me, I'll be getting your tix tomorrow. Anyone else who's interested, let me know a.s.a.p!!